Below is a list of the Mercury Modules available to Colleges:
  • Member Administration including full online facilities
  • Current Members, one of our new modules, for use in the College Office
  • Nominal Ledger including specialized College reporting
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Sales Ledger and Sales Invoicing
  • Cash Book
  • Payroll including full RTI and auto-enrolment support
  • Student Accommodation - our latest module with impressive room management and exceptional billing capability

  • Job Costing
  • Wine Stocks including specialized SCR cellar functions
  • Stocks
  • Rents
  • Point of Sale including specialized College functionality for Students and Fellows
  • Meal Booking including full online facilities and specialized allowance parameters for Fellows, Lecturers and College hospitality

Underlying Package Structure and Software

Mercury modules are written using Genero Business Development Language from FourJs Development Tools Ltd, together with Microsoft VB .net and PHP where they provide a better solution. UK household names that run systems developed in Genero include:
The BBC   
royalty payments system
Pace Petroleum
forecourt and home fuel distribution systems
Bisley Office Furniture
manufacturing and distribution systems
The Furniture Village
stock control and point of sale systems
Barker & Stonehouse  
stock control and point of sale systems
W H Smith
stock control and point of sale systems
warehouse management system
Ministry of Defence
warehouse management system
John Lewis Partnership
stock control and point of sale systems
Daily Mail Group
internal distribution system   

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