Customer Testimonials

Here are a small selection of testimonials from some of our valued clients:
"We have used Accurate Solutions for over 10 years and during that time one of their biggest assets is their flexibility in providing the service we need when we need it."
Valter Monteiro
Head of Finance
Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
"One of the main advantages of the Accurate Solutions system is that it has been designed specifically to cater for the Oxford College environment rather than being an off-the-shelf package which has been modified to fit. We have found the system to be very user friendly, reliable and most of all flexible. Accurate Solutions have also been able to make the modifications we have requested in order to tailor the systems to our exact requirements. Accurate Solutions provide a personal service and have always been very good at responding to our queries." 
Celia Harker
College Accountant
Lincoln College, Oxford
"I always say to people when they ask about Accurate Solutions software ‘it does what it says on the tin’. Another additional benefit is Accurate Solutions’ ability to make modifications to provide a solution that fits your own College’s peculiarities."
Tim Croft
College Accountant
University College, Oxford
"Accurate Solutions has worked with The Queen’s College for many years.  We have seen their  software develop into the multi faceted product which is available today.  In particular we value the way in which the software has been tailored to meet the particular needs of colleges and to integrate with our other systems. A major factor in this is the direct contact with Accurate developers and that they are willing to listen to our wishes as well as providing practical advice and innovation."  
Gordon Spankie
Finance Officer
The Queen’s College, Oxford
"Accurate Solutions performed admirably in ensuring our payroll was fully compliant for HMRC’s RTI roll-out in April 2013. The AS team is always very willing to help, as was the case last year when they built Mercury interfaces for accommodation charges and for catering invoices from third party software."
Alan Blowers
College Accountant
New College, Oxford

"I have always found the customer support offered by Accurate Solutions to be absolutely excellent.  Their staff are always relaxed and smiling, no matter what the problem and I have never come across a situation that they weren’t able to rectify very quickly. Accurate Solutions always adopt a very flexible approach, and on several occasions they have successfully helped me with problems that weren’t even directly Accurate Solutions’ related. In one instance their technical competence and expertise even enabled the College to obtain a full refund from a third party supplier. Accurate staff are willing to stay late to remedy problems we have had with our banking and other third party systems.  The new suite of Mercury 3 modules look brilliant and I can’t wait to start using the full version of the new Nominal Ledger. I believe the Accurate Solutions suite of programs and customer support represents excellent value for money."
Vince Skeffington
College Accountant
Wadham College, Oxford

"Selwyn College has been using Accurate Solutions since 1998 to fulfil its accounting requirements across almost the complete range of the College’s financial activities. The Accurate suite of programs was chosen as best able to satisfy the particular needs of the College and 15 years later I believe this still to be the case. Of course during this time the way we work has changed dramatically but Accurate has always been in the vanguard with developments to enable us to adapt to new reporting responsibilities and embrace more efficient ways of doing things. Behind Accurate Solutions is a friendly and talented team of people whose priority is to understand and meet their customer’s needs and I value their support enormously."

Sally Clayson
Finance Manager
Selwyn College, Cambridge